Domo Arigato, Mrs Obam(o)

Dear First Lady Michelle Obama,


'K, you know what? I haven't written lately because I haven't seen anything I truly covet. I want to thank you, thank you, Mrs. Obama, for waking me from my greed lethargy with these spiffy kicks. I mean, check you out! You're the wife of the most powerful and coolest world leader on the planet, but you're not swanning in the background in shapeless pastels or stomping around in mannish separates, are you? Nope. Not you, Michelle. (Can I call you Michelle? Cuz I feel like I can.) You are out in front, glittering in cardigans, whooshing in twirly skirts and taking care of business in neato coats. And of course, telling D.C. how it is while wearing...shiny silver and pink sneakers. Wanna be BFFs?

Know what? We should go for margaritas, don't you think? Margaritas...and then J.Crew! Yessss! Um, can you get a Secret Service guy to be the designated driver?

Normally, this is part where I ask for the coveted item, but I'm not going to do that this time. I'm simply going to ask if I can borrow them one time when we're hanging out. Cool? Cool!

Call me!

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