Katy Perry: Shine on, Sister

Dear Katy,

Glitter is my favorite, but light-up clothing is new territory for me. Turns out...I saw a light-up dress, and I liked it!

I won't play games here, I want it. Please send me your light-up dress. Here's why this just makes sense: I am really scared of the dark. Each day as the sun sets, I struggle to affix flashlights and glow sticks to my clothing. Why would you let me work that hard when I could just, you know, have a dress?

Look, I promise I will keep it clean and fully charged. I won't play with it while I am driving and endanger others. I will keep it on low when I am near the elderly.

I am truly the perfect person to watch over that dress. Think about it Katy, and I know you'll do the right thing.

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