Oops, she did it again in one day: TIGHTS

Britney, do you see your legs?

More to the point, how can you see anything but your gloriously twinkle coated pins!

Is this distraction why you, uh, augment your vocal...um, apply predestined musical sounds...oh, bother...lip sync? I don't blame you, girl. If I had a black sky of scintillating stars covering my lower half, I wouldn't be able to remember to breathe while I talk, fuggedabout "hit me baby one more time," you know?

Britney, I want, I need, I HAVE TO HAVE those tights. Can you possibly bear to part with them?

(Oh, can I have the shoes too? They look so good and obviously go with the tights and I like to get the whole outfit at once when possible. Saves time in the morning when you don't have to fuss with matching.)

I'm not that innocent,

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