In need of a fabulous Hair Hat Helmet

Dear Mr. Duckie Brown,

I don't live in a cold weather climate, but after gazing my eyes on your dazzling pom-pom hat, I'm considering a move. In truth I hadn't heard of you before but am now worshiping at the altar of Duckie. Any designer who thought to himself, "With all the troubles in this world, well, the only solution is pom-pom." Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more pom-pom!

Now Spring is fast approaching and I'm sure you have a lot of orange pom-pom hats left over and what in the world will you do with them? I have an idea. Box one of those babies up and ship it on over. I'll shout out for the world to hear, pom-poms should, nay, need to be bigger than one's head.

Plus as a person who is follically-challenged, you could consider this a charitable action. Duckie, take pity and help a brother out.

bro hug

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