It puts the lotion on it's skin-coat

Dear Mr Eric Kim,

So far this year there is nothing so sweet as your motorcycle jacket. It is a work of art, that should be hanging in a museum. I hate you for making me feel this way. Slightly out-of-control, on the verge of laughing or crying—I can't decide. Is this what they call hysteria? Are you making me hysterical at the sight of your buttery, caramel-colored jacket?

Let's face it, this model doesn't deserve to wear such a perfect piece of outerwear. He can't appreciate it's perfection. He probably can't even spell perfection. I on the other hand, would never take it off. I would sleep in it, go to the gym in it and even make love in it. Hell, I will make love TO it. Slow, sweet love. If only you would send it to me. Heck, we're both in the same city, I'll stop by and pick it up.

[finger phone] Call me!

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