Leslie's Dress/reflective garment

Dear Leslie Mann,

Did you see the Oscars last year? OMG, Renee Z.'s shoes!

But today I am writing regarding your reflective dress from last night's Oscar celebration. Shimmery, shiny, throwing-planes-off-their-flightpath-iridescent. My pupils are still dilated from the impact. Oh yeah, your dress is the Zellweger Glitter Shoes of 09! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I bet you are! If we put your dress with Renee's shoes, we'd have the hey-you-got-your-glitter-shoes-in-my reflective-dress, no-you-got-your-reflective-dress-in-my-glitter-shoes..hey, wait,-they-taste-great-together" moment of the decade.

And I'm the gal for the job. You and Renee...well, you have things to do, meals not to eat and such.

Why don't you just send me your reflective dress (UPS is fine) and I can take it out three sizes and then pair it with the Glitter Shoes? Good? Right?

And I already asked Renee for the shoes so that's, like, pretty much a done deal.

Thanks Leslie Mann.

P.S. Do you have a sequined clutch?

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